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by Advancedrescue



Pretty straight forward operation thanks to the guide of taking the cube apart. I took a picture of the wiring diagram. The switch has to be a SPDT(Single Pole Double Throw). The location of the switch can be changed depending on your preference, there actually a lot of room back there.

I also made connectors between the front face and the wires behind the spool chip. This I believe is essential to getting the two to come together. Would have been virtually impossible to soilder while holding the two in place.

Apply a very small amount of heat via heat gun to get the abhesive loose on the chips to release from cartridge. This helps big time.

A few importants check off:
-SPDT Switch
-Black wire behind the cardride that goes to the chip connector is for the large connection point.
-Apple very small amount of heat via heat gun to get the abhesive loose on the chips to release from cartridge.

Here's the wiring set up.

This is the view from behind the chip reader. The black goes to the large contact of the chip. This worked out great for me because I was already using black for my wiring of the large contact on the chip.

Soldering two of the chip. I got glued them to the table to keep them still.

Here is the switch installed. I just used hot glue to hold my already shouldered chip in next to the switch. NOTE! I didn't solder the wires to the switch till after installed. Trust me it would cause problems trying to install the switch.


Here is the connector coming from behind the cartridge chip reader. It's literally just a red wire tapped into the cube red wire going to the reader, and the same for the black.


Here's a picture of me starting the tap of the reader wires. I usually try not to fully cut wires if I can help it. Also was able to get heat sink over the reader connector, so I staggered the taps I was making so I could slide the one heat sink over both taps and they wouldn't touch. I of course soldered these also.

After the switch is mounted with the chips inside, there will be a plug coming from those that you make. Then tap into the chip reader wires, making the plug that will join with the switch/chip wires. Then assemble the cube like you took it apart with the addition of connecting the two connectors you added.

Switch down on mine showing blue.

Switch up showing red.

I know my chips are showing 3% or empty. I have a lot of filament actually. I just know eventually this will be an issue and would rather have to ready. I'll going to run these the two chips to the 3% and 0 using the switch. I'll load normal cartridge in with its chip tapped off to not cause problems, I want the chip selected via the switch. Print and let the percentage drop from the chip inside machine.