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A Cube3 WiKi? Now that it has been discontinued? You're joking...

Not actually! It is possible that the 3D Systems 3rd generation Cube product will hit cult status faster than any abruptly discontinued product ever.

From an engineering perspective, it is a pure marvel. From a pure protectionist platform, it is amazingly well protected. From a user perspective, you want to keep it printing. Of course, not everyone is having a great time with these. First of all, the very idea of not providing your own filament is a turn-off for most self respecting hobbyists. The manufacturing of these little machines also leaves a little to be desired. Even warrantee support has been degraded to unreliable. When 3D Systems decided to discontinue this product shortly after release, prices plummeted from a $999/USD MSRP to nearly $165/USD on eBay including shipping. At this price, even the hacker crowd decided that the hardware provided is enough to incorporate a more open system architecture.

Due to the short life of this product to date, there is precious little available online for this product. This Wiki is intended to provide reference information for those seeking to dive deeper into the cute little 3D printer.